Top 5 Efficient Shelving Solutions

Brisbane Operations

Organisation and planning — two essential factors that affect how well your warehouse runs. Implementing both will not only help you maximise whatever space you have to work with but it will also allow your facility to function optimally, not to mention ensure the integrity of the items in storage. One of the key components to an organised and well-planned facility is shelving.

The right shelving solutions, Brisbane facilities should know, can create more efficient operations. Whether you are running a climate-controlled storage facility or a distribution centre, you need to have the right shelving products and systems in place. Here are five efficient shelving solutions to consider.

  1. Use shelves of varying heights.
    Unless all your items are of the same height, then you will need to take a look at shelves with different heights. So you need to measure and add shelves that can accommodate items of varying heights. This is particularly important for facilities that have very limited space.
  2. Make the most of vertical space.
    Vertical bulk storage is possible, provided you consider the type of goods that have to be stored, the structural concerns of your warehouse, and fire codes. Each one will help you determine the maximum allowable storage height, without jeopardising the integrity of your goods as well as the safety of the warehouse and the people who work in it.
  3. Consider mobility when it comes to shelving.
    If at all possible, and when fixed shelving is not necessary, you can use mobile shelving to save more space. This type of shelving can allow you to double up on the number of shelves you can place into a single floor space.
  4. Think adjustable design and versatility.
    You can consider cantilever racking as an economic and effective shelving solution, especially when most of your goods vary in size and weight. Most cantilever racking will feature an adjustable design so you can change the frame accordingly, and be able to store as much as you need. You can also find cantilever racking suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  5. Keep the small parts together.
    Finally, not all goods in your warehouse may be placed in big boxes on shelves. Some goods, like ball bearings, screws, and bolts, may be too small to put in boxes. You can’t exactly leave them out in the open or just on top of shelves. Even if they were placed in plastic bags, they may still get lost during operations. So make sure to keep these small parts organised and put away in small containers or in shelving units with drawers.


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