Storage Shelves: Brisbane Businesses’ Guide To Efficient And Safe Warehouses

All warehouses depend on how well organised it is, otherwise, operations will result in two scenarios: one, it will grind to a halt, or two, it will be bogged down with inefficiencies. As a business owner, you certainly would not want either scenario to happen to your warehouse. Both might not only be costly but also create unsafe working conditions for your employees.

A key component to ensuring that your facility achieves efficiency and safety would be to implement the appropriate solutions for storage shelves. Brisbane warehouses, like yours, would save money and keep employees safe by considering the following recommendations

Choose the right storage shelving system for your operations.

Every storage shelve unit is designed to meet the particular requirements of different facilities. Some storage shelves can take on different goods in varying size; some shelves may even be customisable to address the changing needs of a facility. Some storage shelves are better suited for heavy storage while others are built for specific goods stored in specific types of warehouses. Pick the right type of storage shelve unit and you will have an easier operation.

Be aware, and plan for, the three most common sources of structural failure for shelves.

The start of resolving any problem is to know the root cause of the problem. Three of the most common sources of structural failure for storage shelves are 1) misuse and overloading, 2) vehicle collision or misdirected traffic, and 3) lack of safety mindset with the workforce.

All three combined can create structural issues that lead to down time and worse, accidents that cause injuries. You need to figure out if such incidences occur in your warehouse, and then plan to reduce or eliminate them from happening.

Train your employees to use specific storage shelves.

Employee training is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of the storage shelves your warehouse uses. They are, after all, the very people who will be using the units. So they have to have a clear understanding of the features and design of the shelves. Proper training guarantees that no overloading or incorrect loading will happen. And your storage shelves will never take on what it cannot take on.

 Make sure installation is done appropriately, and use protectors.

Lastly, your warehouse shelving should be installed properly and in the suitable area. This will mean having a floor plan that works for your specific operations. And choosing qualified installers to do the job. When your warehouse gets frequent forklift or pallet jack traffic, you may also want to consider installing post protectors for added stability to the shelves.


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