Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Brisbane supplied by Racknstack Warehouse is the most common form of Warehouse Racking and is found in almost every single warehouse Australia Wide.

It is an ideal system for companies that have a large range of products that vary in size and weight.

Pallet Racking is the easiest type of Warehouse Racking to install and is also extremely flexible with levels being easy to adjust and custom configurations can be created with ease.

Rack n Stack Brisbane Selective Pallet Racking is simple, cost effective, productive and easy to use.

There are very few components required in a Warehouse Racking design and they are as follows:

Uprights, Beams, Footplates, Row Spacers and Fixings.

Due to the minimal products and simplicity of design, Selective Racking will forever be the number one Warehouse Storage System used in Australia.

There are an endless amount of beam lengths and profiles as well as many upright heights and depths which ensures Rack’nStack can design a solution that will be suited exactly to each unique businesses requirements.

RacknStack Warehouse Brisbane utilises the latest design technologies which ensures our clients can visualise exactly how the Warehouse will function prior to the start of the project.

Rack n Stack Warehouse Yatala provides a comprehensively designed and engineered Pallet Racking system that can be designed to suit virtually any configuration.

Rack n Stack Brisbane team will assess your requirements and design a Pallet Racking system suited to your premises and to your budget.

We have a QBCC Licence, our Pallet Racking is top quality and exceeds all Australian Standards.

Contact us today and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly staff.

We will visit your site, measure up, discuss your needs and then provide you with a no obligation design and quotation.

Pallet Racking Accessories


* Selective Racking
* Back to back Racking
* Double Deep Pallet Racking
* A-Frame Racking
* Drive-In Racking
* Cable Racking


* Modular and adjustable design
* Shelving and workbenches simply ‘clip in’
* Powder coated or Hot Dipped Galvanised finish for indoor or outdoor use
* Varying heights from 2m right through to 11m
* Wide range of accessories
* A range of upright and beam profiles allows for extremely heavy loads to be stored

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  • Pricing and Specifications

    Frame Prices

    Order Code Height mm Depth mm Price (inc GST)
    PR-F 2438×838 2438 838 $100.00
    PR-F 3048×838 3048 838 $116.00
    PR-F 3658×838 3658 838 $149.00
    PR-F 4267×838 4267 838 $172.00
    PR-F 4877×838 4877 838 $177.00
    PR-F 5486×838 5486 838 $186.00
    PR-F 6096×838 6096 838 $219.00

    Beam Prices

    Order Code Length and Depth mm Capactity kgs Price (inc GST)
    PR-B 1372×110 1372 x 110 4,000 $40.00
    PR-B 2591×80 2591 x 80 1,335 $45.00
    PR-B 2591×110 2591 x 110 2,300 $56.00
    PR-B 2743×80 2743 x 80 1,203 $49.00
    PR-B 2743×110 2743 x 110 2,200 $61.00
    PR-B 3048×110 3048 x 110 2,000 $68.00
    PR-B 3658×140 3658 x 140 2,218 $93.00
    PR-B 3658×160 3658 x 160 3,800 $130.00
    PR-B 4300×160 4300 x 160 3,000 $140.00


    Image Order Code Description Price (inc GST)
    IMG_3732 PR-BPH Heavy Duty Baseplate $14.30
    IMG_3731 PR-BPNA  Heavy Duty Narrow  Aisle Baseplate  $14.30
    IMG_3722 PR-IGUARD  I Guard – 600mm High including Clips  $39.60
    IMG_3716 HR-POST  Handrail Post: 1000mm  $35.20
    IMG_3751 PR-CPU  Guard: U-Type 400mm High  $46.20


     J-Lock Light Duty  $48.40
    IMG_3781 PR-FCB838  Fork Clearance Bar: 838D x 70H  $24.20

    PR-SP Safety Pin $1.10
    IMG_3754 PR-RS457 Back to Back Row Spacer $12.00
    PR-EC End Cap $3.50
    IMG_3780 PR-FCB 1067  Fork Clearance Bar: 1067D x 70H  $28.60
    IMG_3734 PR-BPS Standard Baseplate $3.00
    PR-Castor Castor $28.00


    Cable Racking Supports $50.00
    IMG_3736 PR-SOB Stand Off Bracket $12.00
    IMG_3742 PR-AFD A-Frame Divider $18.00
    IMG_3781 PR-FCB 1219  Fork Clearance Bar: 1219D x 70H  $33.00


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