Mesh Screens – Make your Warehouse Safe

Does your Warehouse have single sided Pallet Racking that is not installed next to a wall? If so, chances are you need a screen to not only comply with workplace health and safety standards but to also safe guard your stock from damage, or even worse having it fall on an employee. The Racknstack Warehouse Yatala supplies Pallet Racking and Mesh Screens throughout Brisbane and Queensland. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

The MonkeyMESH® Backing System is one of the most competitive anti-collapse mesh solutions on the market and provides significant safety, compliance and performance advantages to warehousing and storage facilities.

Specifically engineered to mitigate stock fall hazards (up to 25kg) and control direction of access to stock, the safety advantages in using MonkeyMESH are significant.

A key feature of MonkeyMESH is its contribution to ESFR sprinkler system compliance. The use of MonkeyMESH ensures dedicated longitudinal flue spaces and supports the effective and targeted distribution of water to a fire.

“MonkeyMESH mitigates stock fall
hazards and is easy to install”

MonkeyMESH is also extremely versatile. In addition to being compatible with almost any rack design, the modular system allows for the replacement of individual components. Instead of expensive and time consuming full-system overhauls the repair of an individual MonkeyMESH segment can be done in minutes and at a fraction of the cost.

The efficient “positive lock” design that strengthens and supports the MonkeyMESH system is not only effective but one of the fastest and easiest to install solutions on the market today.




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