Is your Pallet Racking compliant?

Is your Pallet Racking compliant?

Did you know that as of 2012 the AS4084-1993 ‘Steel Racking Structures’ Standard was updated?

All Pallet Racking designers now need to design systems in accordance with AS4084-2012 ‘Steel Racking Structures’.

No need to stress, no major changes were made and if your Racking was installed prior to the release of the new standard, you will not need to update it unless doing major repairs or relocation etc.

Here at RacknStack, we have summed up some of the important and relevant things you need to know from these changes to the standards, that may affect you:

  • You must have a full inspection every 12 months regardless of the quantity or Pallet Racking you have or the use it gets – We can help, Click Here to get information regarding this
  • All forklift loaded Pallet Racking must have 2 x Masonry Anchors per baseplate – This is irrespective of Rack Height or load.
  • The clearance from the top of the Pallet being stored to the underside of a beam when at 6m or higher has changed from 75mm to 100mm
  • The clearance between Pallets in Back to Back or Double Deep Racking has increased by 50mm meaning generally a 420-457mm row spacer is now required
  • All load signage must depict the distance from the Floor to the top of the first and second beam levels

All Pallet Racking systems supplied by The RacknStack Warehouse Brisbane are compliant with the new AS4084-2012 ‘Steel Racking Structures’ Standard.

The RacknStack Warehouse Brisbane is happy to help with any of your concerns or questions – And yes, RacknStack definitely can certify other brands of Pallet Racking.

Contact Us for further information.


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