Is Cantilever Racking System The Right Solution For Your Facility?

Cantilever Racking Brisbane

Medium load capacity. Lightweight materials. Furniture. Tubes. Lumber. Pipes. Any similar items that your business may need to store, handle and distribute require the right kind of facility. From having the appropriate layout to ensure smooth foot and vehicle traffic inside your facility to using the right type of storage system, your facility needs to make sure every element has been planned and chosen carefully.

When you already have your floor plan figured out, the next crucial step is to invest in the right storage system. Is a cantilever racking system the right solution for your facility?

Cantilever racking is the best storage option for non-standard sized and long goods, e.g., steel pipes, plastic tubes, plywood, wood crates, lumber, furniture and other such bulky goods. Basically, any flat and long profile material is suitable for storage on cantilever racking systems.

Unlike the usual pallet racking system, cantilever racking will allow your difficult-to-store goods easier to store and retrieve. So instead of getting just pallet racking systems and then just leaving and stacking your plywood or wood crates or steel pipes on the floor, you create a more orderly (not to mention safer) facility with cantilever racking.

Apart from letting you store and organise, cantilever racking also features cantilever arms that can be adjusted, according to your loading requirements. And here’s the best part, you can adjust the arms even without the aid of tools. So this storage system is not just flexible but it is also quite easy to use.

However, if your loading requirements are more specific than others, there are racking and shelving suppliers that customise designs for warehouses, lumberyards and manufacturing plants. You can get cantilever racking for heavy-duty items. You can also get a customised design for holding furniture or automotive parts.

If everything here applies to your operations, then cantilever racking is your best solution to storage. Not only will you be able to ensure inventory control with this type of storage system, but you will also guarantee that the work required in your facility will be far more efficient. This is because employees who have to sort through materials will not have to go through the stacks or piles of items, allowing them to finish their job in half the time.

Long or bulky items. Non-standardised goods. Flat and long profiles. When your facility stores, handles and distributes such materials, you will need the smart design and features of cantilever racking. Ask your shelving and racking supplier about it today.


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